Thursday, 17 August 2017

Welcome to JAL class!

Hello! Welcome back to Horizon 2017-2018! Shizuka sensei  is here, and I am so excited to have you this year. You know my face already, but I introduce myself here a bit. My name is Shizuka Miller, I am from Nagoya, Japan. I have been teaching more than 20 years in Nagoya, Tokushima, Hawaii, Tokyo and Kanagawa. I like traveling, watching movies, reading books, and hiking. When I was a student, I was in a drama club (high school and university), playing some instruments (piano, saxophone, koto and so on), and I miss playing tennis!

During the summer I went to Tottori and Shimane prefecture, and I finally finished visiting all the 47 Japan prefectures!! I also went to Bangkok, Thailand and had a great time.  I read 5 books this summer, I will share them in class. How was your summer? Please be ready to explain your summer in Japanese!

 I talked with Emi sensei about your Japanese skills and this year we will focus on writing and Humble expressions and Honorific expressions. We will talk about details next week.

Please bring one notebook and your computer!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Talk to you soon,

Shizuka Miller

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