Saturday, 18 March 2017

Homeroom and Physics Newsletter

Dear students and parents,

Hope everyone is doing well getting ready for the graduation. 

In physics, we have been working on past papers and some revisions. Students did great so far. This helped them to see their weakness and strength. 
Last two weeks they sat for the mock exams. It was stressful yet important time for them. 
I will hopefully mark them soon. We will keep working on past papers for the rest of the time.

I feel luck to have this diverse yet coherent class as homeroom. 
All of them have been working hard together and support each other. I already start thinking of graduation and feel sad to know they will not be here next year.

Great news that 5 students receive acceptance from various countries. 
Waiting to hear the good news from the others as well.

I would like to say thank you all the parents for supporting them. It has been great to see your continues support specially during the past few months which were very stressful and busy. 

Best regards, 

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