Monday, 27 February 2017

Japanese newsletter – February


We have a test every Monday this year, too.(Kanji or words, / depending on students’ levels )
We have two different levels in the class and below is what we did with each group.

With one group …We made revision of Te form to normal form.
                        We started our text book Genki1 unit7.
                          We learnt sentences of action in progress and describe people.
With the other group…We finished a big unit, Unit16, in our textbook Genki2.
                                    We learnt many expressions for going to next step in Japanese.
We learnt the expression of apologizing and talking about hopes and wishes.
                                        We are going to work on next unit.


We have a Kanji test every Monday.

We are learning about communication and media in this term.
We wrote an essay ‘ If we couldn’t use IT technique in our life’.
There were good ideas in essay. We wrote a good essay.
Now we focus on advertisement. We are reading books of advertisement and rhetoric.

We are going to make a research about commercials next month.

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