Monday, 29 May 2017

JAL Newsletter – May

We had a test.(Kanji or words, / depending on students’ levels )
We had two different levels in the class and below is what we did with each group.

With one group …  We worked on Genki1 unit8. We learnt Nai-forms.
                               We took a test of Nai-forms.

With the other group…We work on our textbook inGenki2 unit17.
                                    We learnt how to describe the event before which something    happens.
                                    And we learnt how to express the idea that something or somebody    resembles the things or the person described by the noun.


In this month, we had an IB test. We tried our best.
We continued to review the IB topics and worked on the past papers.
After the test, we checked the answers of tests.

And we checked and discussed the news, too.

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