Friday, 16 December 2016

JAL and Japanese B newsletter

We have a test every Monday this year, too.(Kanji or words, / depending on students’ levels )
We have two different levels in the class and below is what we did with each group.
With one group …We practiced changing Te form to normal form.
                   We learnt to sentences of make a request, permission and
a strong prohibition statement.
                  This sentences uses Te form also.
With the other group…We learnt to expression of determinations, describes an action performed in preparation for something, qualifies the noun.
                                We often use this 3 expressions for conversation.
Have a good winter holiday and よいお年を(Yoi otoshio)
We have a Kanji test every Monday.
We read to discuss from view of world and Japan global issues from November.
We read to think about Wangari Muta Maathai. She likes Japanese words ‘Mottainai’.
The meaning of these words are very deep.
We were able to get many though from these words and her.
And we had a discussion about energy saving for summary.
Next term, we learn to media.

Have a good winter holiday and よいお年を(Yoi otoshio)

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