Monday, 7 November 2016

Physics and Homeroom Updates

Dear parents of Grade 12,

In physics class we have just completed all the SL and HL topics. It was a long run since the beginning of the last year. They all worked really hard so far.
We have some prescribed experiments and Option topic to complete.
We decided to go with Astrophysics (Option D) as the option topic. This will take about a month to cover. We will also work on some of the prescribed experiments. Our aim is to complete the astrophysics topic by the end of this term.
We hopefully start the revision next term.

Another important work for the physics class is to complete the IA lab reports. Students are taught what is it and what they have to do. This is an independent lab report they have to complete by December 12. All the students are expected to complete and submit their reports by the due date. Please note that this lab reports will be submitted to the IB  center and will effect %20 of the final mark.

Counseling and Homeroom

We had a very successful application boot camp last week. I believe it was fruitful for all the students.

It is a critical time for the students who are applying the US universities. Some of the universities early applications will due withing this month. They require lots of documentation.
I suggest all the students to be proactive and complete their documents as early as they can.
They should ask the teachers for the recommendation letter at lease 2 weeks in advance.

This Wednesday we will be visiting Yokohama college fair as I informed you earlier. You are also welcome to visit and ask questions to the university representatives.

There will be another session at our school on Friday. A representative from York university, Canada will be visiting our school. Students will have chance to ask questions in person.

The last but not the least is the key to success is to be well organized. Time management is an important factor during this year. Please help your students to make a good time table and write all the deadlines.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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