Tuesday, 29 November 2016

JAL newsletter in November


We have a test every Monday this year, too.(Kanji or words, / depending on students’ levels )
We have two different levels in the class and below is what we did with each group.

With one group …We finished our textbook “Genki Unit 5”. We had unit 5 test.
                         We started Unit 6. In this unit,we learned verbs of Te form.  
                            This form is important in making sentences and talking.
                                We practiced changing Te form to normal form.
With the other group…We finished on Genki 2 unit 14. We had a unit 14 test.
                                   We started unit 15.
                                  We learnt to the direction of the transaction in unit 14.
                                  This expression has 3 verbs by a view of person.
                                  We practiced conversation and writing much times.
                                  I hope then they came to that situation, they can use smoothly it.


We have a Kanji test every Monday.

In this term, topic is global issues.
We worked on global warming, natural disaster in Japan.
Specifically in the earthquake, we learnt about East Japan great earthquake disaster.
And we read to discuss from view of world and Japan global issues.


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