Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Chemistry October Newsletter

12th graders is about to finish IB chemistry topics. The optional topic is waiting to be covered.
This month we will start Option C:The energy topic

In this unit, we will cover the topics below

  • ·        A useful energy source releases energy at a reasonable rate and produces minimal pollution
  • ·        The quality of energy
  • ·        Renewable energy sources
  • ·        Energy density, Specific energy and The efficiency of an energy transfer
  • ·        An electrochemical cell
  • ·        The voltage of a battery depends primarily on the nature of the materials used while the    total work that can be obtained from it depends on their quantity.
  • ·        A fuel cell can be used to convert chemical energy
  • ·        The Nernst equation

Throughout the topic, they will develop the understandings of chemistry, applications of the chemistry knowledge and skills, their international mindedness and theory of knowledge. They will do experiments and researches as well. In this course, they will be familiar with nature of science approach to the topics.

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