Friday, 2 September 2016

Chemistry Newsletter

Dear parents I hope this year will be full of joy and education 

This unit starts by introducing different types and uses of fossil fuels. The process of fractional distillation of crude oil is discussed with its importance as the main source of organic molecules. There is an opportunity for learners to research and explore the vast variety of everyday products that originate from crude oil. The unit then considers simple hydrocarbons limited to alkanes and alkenes.
These are the main topics we will cover for IGCSE combined science

-        - Describing of hydro carbons
-        -  State that the products of complete combustion of hydrocarbons, exemplified by methane, are carbon dioxide and water
-        - Naming hydrocarbons
-         - Drawing hydrocarbons structures

-         - Cracking larger hydrocarbons

Linear structure model of  glucose done by G12 students 

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